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Voūk Ice Cream 🍦

Voūk Ice Cream 🍦


Voūk • Ice Cream

Vouk GIRL POWER collection was fully developed by Jiu Jitsu fighters to provide more comfort, agility and mobility. "The intention is to create a specific kimono that meets our needs even better." "We want to bring more women to the mats." The modeling allows the athlete to perform any movement without feeling "stuck" by the gi.

Vagui: Made of ultra resistant 100% cotton black braid, triple reinforced seams, extra reinforcement in the vents, vulcanized rubber collar with premium twill and 6 seams. High definition embroidered logo on the arms and abdomen in shades of jade green, personalized faux leather tag.

Pants: RIP STOP, triple reinforced seams, double reinforcement at the front of the knees, built-in lacing system and cotton cord for tying. The lacing system and string allow the pants to stay in the desired position throughout your workout.

*The gi comes with a bag (bag color may vary depending on availability).*APPROVED BY ALL FEDERATIONS* Belt not included.

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