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Voūk Brasil • White

Voūk Brasil • White


Introducing the VOŪK BRASIL LIMITED EDITION, the kimono that represents pride and passion for Brazil! With its exclusive edition, this kimono is the perfect choice for practitioners and lovers of the gentle art who want to show off their connection to the country.

Made with high-quality 100% cotton Vagui braided fabric, the VOŪK BRASIL LIMITED EDITION features six very high-definition embroideries, which represent striking and inspiring symbols of Brazilian culture. The leather label at the bottom of the lapel and the double bar of braided fabric are details that demonstrate the concern with durability and the impeccable finish of this kimono.

The premium RIPSTOP pants, with their built-in lacing system, offer practicality and comfort during workouts. With double reinforcement on the front (from the shin to the thigh) and triple seams in the points of greatest tension, the VOŪK BRASIL LIMITED EDITION guarantees resistance and durability, even in the most intense workouts. In addition, the cotton cord allows for a perfect and secure fit.

And to make the experience even better, the kimono includes an exclusive bag, perfect for transporting and storing your kimono in practicality and style.

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